CinSkin Skin care products
Product Designer

I am Cindy Davis, a practicing RN and creator of my own line of skin care products.  I was born in 1953 in Gilroy, CA, the garlic capital of the world.  I now live in Monterey CA, and it is here that I started creating skin care products.  As a young child, I loved to apply scented lotions and powders.  As an adult, I never went to the next level of making skin care products until I developed severe itching on my legs after bathing.  A variety of store bought soaps failed to relieve the itch.  This is when I started researching the profiles of different oils and discovered how their characteristics can contribute to beautiful and healthy skin.  Based on my research, I made soap to relieve my annoying itching.  It worked!  Since then I have expanded my line of creative products and use them daily.  Today, women compliment me on my skin.  Really! 

Now, I would like to share my wholesome skin care products with you.  Each ingredient serves a beneficial prupose - to nourish and beautify your skin.  My motto is "nurture your skin."   

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